Erecting The Charmborough Ring

These photographs show the erection sequence and why an area of approximately 8m x 5m is needed during erection and dismantling, even though the Ring occupies only about 2.1m x 4.3m when erected.

Those helping with the erection should take care to avoid injury by wearing stout footwear and by not lifting more than they are able. Most of the steel frame members require two people to lift, while two items are best lifted with three people. The erection supervisor will advise on this.

There is a YouTube video showing the erection sequence

The framework elements are first off-loaded from the trailer and assembled with the end “portals” flat on the ground. The Trust’s erection supervisor will ensure that the steel frame elements, many of which are “handed” and not interchangeable, are assembled in their correct positions.

A team of at least 5 people then raise each portal to the vertical position and secure them in place with diagonal braces.

The rest of the erection process is greatly eased if the trailer can be positioned under the erected frame.

The trailer can then be used as a working platform from which the bells, each housed in sub–frames holding two bells, can be hoisted into position. This is achieved using an electric hoist powered either from the mains or a petrol powered portable generator.

(This sequence of photographs was taken by Emma Longridge in Bath City Centre, May 2009).

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