Hire Charges

Duration Schools & Youth Events Standard Rate - Public Events Private Events & Weddings
1 day
Each additional day
Transport > 50 miles
65p per mile
65p per mile
65p per mile

The primary purpose of the mobile belfries is to promote ringing to members of the public and recruit and train new bellringers. We do make the belfries available for weddings, birthday parties and private events, but the Trust prefers that priority is given to our primary purpose.

The rate for weddings* does not include the ringers, although we can arrange a team of ringers, if needed, at an additional charge of £360.

The hire charges are based on the hirer providing the erection team and the ringers. If the Trust’s erection supervisor has additional expenses (e.g. for travel separate from the transport for the bells) or if overnight accommodation is needed, this will be charged at cost.

The Trust reserves the right to refuse bookings or vary the hire charge at the time of the booking.

Bookings that are cancelled by the hirer within 8 weeks of the event will incur a cancellation charge of £50. This charge may be waived if there have been no costs or lost bookings.

The Trust will invoice the hirer with the payment details; invoices are payable within 30 days of the event.

Transport Charges

The transport costs are included to and from an event within 50 miles of one of our bases. An additional charge is made if the event is more than 50 miles from one of our bases.

Where the ring is required for more than one day, we either charge an additional 45p per mile each way for the driver to return home, or ask for the hirer to provide bed and breakfast accomodation.

The Trust normally provides transport from a small pool of drivers, with suitable tow vehicles. If there are other events immediately before or after your event which mean that the ring can be stored at one of these locations in between, we will charge travelling expenses from there instead. If the hirer provides transport we can reduce the charges, but the hirer will need to pay for a supervisor to come and suprvise the erection and dismantling of the ring at 45p per mile each way.

The rings are transported in a dismantled state on twin axle, close-coupled trailers with over-run brakes. The measuremnts of these are available from the Downloads page.


The hire and transport charges quoted above are priced at a non–profit making level to cover the costs of insurance, storage, maintenance and transport. No payments are made to the Trustees and volunteers who support The Mobile Belfries Trust other than (partial) reimbursement of transport costs. Those hiring the bells are encouraged to make additional donations, which may be eligible for Gift Aid subject to their ability to make the necessary declaration.

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